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Principal Trainer and RTS Director:  
Supervisor:   MUAMMER YILMAZ Dip. RT

Cumhuriyet Mah.
Mermer Sok. No.14
Daire 260
Mobile: 0532 274 44 70

Radianced Training School is the first school in Turkey and in the World which offers Regression Therapy Training in Turkish. Aims of the Radianced Training School (RTS) are to teach the theory and practical techniques of regression therapy; to provide trainings for students wishing to become members of recognized regression therapy associations, establish a private practice and to integrate the techniques taught into other therapeutic approaches. Radianced Training School is the first Turkish school that has been recognized by EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy) as well as IBRT to give Professional Regression Therapy Training. Diba has got an Approved Trainer Certification by PLRA (Past Life Regression Academy in UK). Diba and her husband Muammer have started to conduct the Past Life Regression Therapy Trainings in a new place which is called Radianced Center in the countryside outside Istanbul. Radianced Center is in green land and they also do organic agriculture there. The trainings are residential and students enjoy the special garden and fresh air during breaks. Radianced Center has a retreat atmosphere and they start every day by doing yoga practices and meditations.

Radianced School starts to offer four periods of teaching program.

First period consist of individual sessions (at least three) and a weekend workshop (title is Spiritual Awakening). Second period is Professional Regression Therapy Training - six modules. Third period consist of Advanced Training modules (title is Self-Mastery). Four period is the final: Becoming an assistant, supervisor and Trainer in Radianced School

The Regression Therapy Training program consists of six modules total 25 days. The first module is for five days including Basic Trance Inductions. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth modules are for four days. The program is 200 hours of tutor lead therapeutic training, plus supervised pairs practice and theoretical self study.

The training includes lectures, demonstrations, experiential exercises, pair works, reading and writing assignments, and supervisions. The training is open for all qualified professionals and therapists i.e. psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, bodywork or another qualified healing techniques. Applicants without formal qualifications must be able to demonstrate interest, enthusiasm and life experience appropriate to the helping professions and show aptitude and potential for studying. The applicants should complete the first period which is written above.

The RTS works to maintain standards of training and has a formal method of collecting student’s comments and constructive feedbacks to further enhance the quality of the training. Students need to acknowledge the experiential nature of regression training and the need for personal development working through clearing their own issues that arise within workshop sessions and/or in private practice. Students need to practice the techniques taught in the workshops with other students. On the successful completion of the training program a Diploma in Regression Therapy is awarded. At this point students will be able to use regression therapy for a wide area of mental, emotional and physical client problems. They can use the letters Dip RT after their name and register as Regression Therapists with professional associations.


GUNAY YALCIN, CRT, M. Sc., Director


Gunay Yalcin

The World Regression Institute was founded in 2005 by Jeffrey Ryan, MA., CRT,  and Janet Cunningham, Ph.D. and subsequently transferred to Gunay Yalcin who is director of admissions and teaching programs. The World Regression Institute  is dedicated to succesfully mentoring candidates towards certification by IBRT as Regression Therapists.

 The Regression Therapy Training Program has 2 levels.

 The first level consists of interactive discourses and practicums in:

Interview and process – Conscious/subconscious mind – Altered states of consciousness –Methods of induction- Techniques of deepening – Issue definition – Bridging to past lives - Grounding to causal past life- Gathering Data - Death Scene - Reframing - Emergence – Processing.

Between the first level and the second level, students are mentored by Ms. Yalcin and Certified Staff as they do Continuing Education practices.     


 The second level consists of lectures and practicums in:

Interlife (Bardo or life between lives) – Womb memories (Messages in mind/Absolutes) – Body Issues  (Weight issues, Migraine Headaches, Panic/Anxiety disorders, Infertility issues, Sexual ıssues) – Relationship issues - Self evaluation issues – Abusive issues _ Addictions - Group seminars, workshops, etc. – Obsessions - Forgiveness – Soul Mates/Karma resolutions – Connecting to the Higher Self.

Graduates receive a certificate of completion adhering to the standards, practices and ethics of The International Board of Regression therapy.

Gunay obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the Cukurova University in 1988 and M.Sc. from Ankara University in 1994. She was exposed to the technical field for and then became involved with her own inner work, including spiritual  understanding. She was educated on Information Technologies in METU and began to work in computer industry. She worked seven years as a project manager, procurment specialist, and network selling manager. When she was manager in the network business, she changed her professional focus to the field of regression therapy.

Gunay was trained by Dr. Janet Cunningham and Jeffrey Ryan and is a board-certified regression therapist by IBRT. She is a member of EARTh (European Association for Regression Therapy) and has attended seminars by professionals in the field, including Roger Woolger. Gunay is also a member of BILYAY Foundation and a Board Member of ARAD (Ankara Spiritual Research Association) and has published articles in the Spirit and Matter as well as in other journals on reincarnation and past life therapy and personal development.

Gunay is completing her Master of Science degree program on Psyclogic Counsueling  at Selcuk University.

For more than 20 years in response to both her inner guidance and the express needs of the public, She has been helping motivated individuals face and resolve their own inner issues and enhance spiritual understanding. She presents seminars and workshops frequently in Ankara and Istanbul.

“Teaching others to become therapists or better human beings and seeing them grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”



Trainers: Tulin Etyemez Schimberg & M. Resat Guner
cell phone: 00-90-532 515 13 58
Dikilitas, Besiktas, Istanbul, TURKEY

Tulin Etyemez SchimbergM. Resat Guner

Unicorn Transformational Studies was established in 2011 to teach regression and transformational techniques in Turkey.  Although main training city is Istanbul, we also organize trainings in Ankara and Izmir.

The training has been recognized and accredited by International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT) and EARTh Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). Both of the trainers are certified therapist and certified trainer by both IBRT and EARTh.

The training has 5 modules. First module is called pre-training that takes two days. Attendees are interviewed by online before they come to the pre-training. They get a chance to see what is regression work and they get basic information about regression and consciousness.  After, the main training group selected upon attendees and main group is occurred around 12 people.

The second module is 7 days; we teach interview techniques, induction techniques, bridge techniques, going over past life, death process, reframing techniques, dialog, working with the body, closing the session. There demo sessions and swaps between students. We give reading assignments after second module.

Third, fourth and fifth modules are 5 days; we teach working with attachments, illnesses, relationships, birth and womb experiences, ancestor work, Ericsonian Techniques, NLP techniques combined with regression, life between life, working with deceased relatives and siblings etc.

There are also advance modules provided to the graduates like; trauma/accident release, archetypes, working with energies, regression with kinesiology, regression with children, advance inner child work, advance NLP techniques etc. There are also guest trainers at our school who are pioneers in regression.

The attendees supply 2-recorded case to be graduated. They become EARTh professional member after they are graduated and they become certified by IBRT after they submit one of the cases to IBRT.

We believe that transformation starts from awareness; after that we can change the things, transformation follow up after changing things and integration is the last mandatory step to be completed.





Eğitmenler: Tulin Etyemez Schimberg & M. Resat Guner
cep telefonu: 00-90-532 515 13 58
Dikilitas, Besiktas, Istanbul, TURKİYE

Unicorn Donusumsel Calışmalar regresyon ve dönüşüm tekniklerini öğretmek üzere 2011 yılında kurulmuştur. Ana eğitim yeri İstanbul olmakla birlikte, Ankara ve İzmir’de de eğitimler düzenlenmektedir.

Eğitim içeriği International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT) ve EARTh Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) tarafından tanınmaktadır ve akredite edilmiştir. Eğitimcilerin her ikisi de sertifikalı ve IBRT ve EARTh tarafından eğitimci olarak tanınmışlardır.

Eğitim 5 modülden oluşmaktadır. İlk modül iki günden oluşan ön atölyedir. Adaylar ön atölyeye katılmadan önce online olarak görüşmeye alınmaktadırlar. Katılımcılar ön atölyede regresyonun ne olduğu demolarla izleme imkanı bulmakta,  regresyon ve temel bilinç modelleri ile ilgili bilgileri almaktadır. Ardından, katılımcılar içerisinden 12 kişi seçilerek ana grup oluşturulur.

İkinci modül 7 günden oluşmaktadır, bu modülde ön görüşme teknikleri, indüksiyon teknikleri, köprü teknikleri, geçmiş yaşamın üzerinden geçme, ölüm süreci, yeniden çerçevelendirme, diyaloglar, beden ile çalışma, seansı kapatma teknikleri öğretmekteyiz. Demo seansları ve öğrencilerin eşli uygulamalar yer almakta. İkinci modül ardından okuma ödevleri verilmektedir.

Üçüncü, dördüncü ve beşinci modül 5’er günden oluşmakta; attachment dediğimiz enerji ekleşmeleri, hastalıklar, ilişkileri doğum ve anne karnı deneyimleri, atalarla çalışma, Eriksoncu teknikler, regresyon ile kombine edilen NLP teknikleri, hayatlar arası hayat, ölen yakınlar ve aile üyeleri ile çalışma vb konuları ilerleyen modüllerde kapsamaktayız.

Ayrıca mezun olan öğrencilerimize yönelik travma ve kaza  ile çalışma, arketipler, enerjilerle çalışma, kinesiyoloji ile regresyon, çocuklarla regresyon, ileri seviye iç çocuk çalışması, ileri NLP teknikleri vb. eğitimler düzenlemekteyiz. Ayrıca alanında öncü eğitimciler misafir eğitimci olarak okulumuzda yer almaktalar.

Modülleri bitirenler mezun olabilmek için 2 kayıtlı vaka sunmaktadırlar. Ardından EARTh’ün profesyonel üyesi olmakta ve bir vakalarını IBRT’ye sunarak IBRT sertifikalı olma hakkı kazanmaktadırlar.

Bizler değişimin farkındalıkla başladığına inanıyoruz. Ardından bir şeyleri değiştirebiliriz. Transformasyon yani dönüşüm bir şeyleri değiştirdikten sonar gelir, entegrasyon ise tamamlanması gereken en son aşamadır.


– c/o  Bel Rogers
Turkey - c/o Diba Ayten Yilmaz
Rumania – c/o Ruxandra Bulzan
UK - c/o Andy Tomlinson
USA - c/o Andy Tomlinson
Singapore – Wissam Awad

Email: regressionacademy@gmail.com
Website Past Life Regression

Andy Tomlinson

Regression Therapy training
The pre training requirement is to have practical skills of working with clients. A minimum of 50 hours of training is required in at least one of the following: psychotherapy, counselling, psychology, hypnotherapy, psychiatry, body work, energy healing or another qualified healing technique.

The Regression Therapy training content is based on the requirements agreed by the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

A Diploma in Regression Therapy is awarded on the successful completion of the training that enables the practitioner to obtain insurance, practice professionally and become members of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

The training is based on a single 4-day non residential workshops over a one period and covers;

  • The ability to conduct a client interview 
  • Bridging techniques to regress a client into a past life without using hypnosis
  • Exploring a past life for significant events and going through the death experience
  • Transpersonal skills to bring forgiveness and completion in the spirit realms
  • Using Psychodrama to release and transform frozen energy from a past life
  • Handling spontaneous catharsis
  • Developing basic bodywork skills for unfreezing frozen body memories
  • Techniques for working with trauma in the current life
  • Integration of past life and childhood experiences into the present life
  • Knowledge of basic psychopathology and contra-indicators for Regression Therapy
  • Being able to recognised and release intrusive energy and spirit releasement.

The complete program also includes;

  • 4 supervised practice sessions between workshops
  • Supervision while working with clients
  • Undergoing an agreed level of regression therapy to clear personal unfinished business
  • Competency skill checks
  • A written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using Regression Therapy

Between Lives Spiritual Regression training

The pre requirement is a qualification and experienced in working with hypnosis (50hrs minimum hypnosis training) and a qualification in Regression Therapy.

The objective of the training is for the student to be able to guide a client into their soul memories between lives while in deep hypnosis. This is a spiritual dimension beyond past lives to fully understand the souls purpose for this life.

It will draw on the thirty years research by Dr Michael Newton, Andy Tomlinson and other pioneers. The training will use practical lecture, video, live demonstration and supervised pair work. Student evaluation during the training will be through observation during the practical sessions. Students will also experience their own Between Lives Spiritual Regression giving them an opportunity to understand at a more profound level their own spiritual purpose in this life.

 The training is based on a single 5 day residential workshop covering;

  • Client preparation and interview
  • Hypnotic deepening techniques and entering a past life
  • The crossover and entering the spirit realms
  • Rejuvenation energy to heal profound past lives
  • Connecting with spirit guides
  • Meeting the primary soul group and other soul groups
  • Links between soul groups and people in this life
  • Meeting the spirits of light who plan the current life
  • The place of physical body selection
  • Other activities in the life between lives
  • Working with unusual soul memories - non human, Star Seed, Elemental
  • Overcoming blockages
  • Post session integration and client reorientation

This leads to a certificate in Between Lives Spiritual Regression. It enables students to obtain insurance and be referred clients from the website. The full requirements are;

  • A Certificate in Hypnosis (a minimum of 50hrs)
  • A Certificate in Regression Therapy
  • Successfully completing the Between Lives Regression workshop
  • A written summary of five client Between Lives Regression sessions and a tape recording of one session

Graduates of the Between Lives Regression training can apply to be members of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Andy Tomlinson

Andy is a psychology graduate and registered psychotherapist, and has had a private practice dedicated to regression therapy since 1996. He's been trained and certified in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, regression therapy and life between lives regression.

From a background of 10 years training managers Andy is internationally known now for training therapists. He has been the director of training for the Past Life Regression Academy since 2002, and is a founding member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy where he helped establish international quality standards in regression therapy. He is author of the book Healing the Eternal Soul that is recognized as an extremely valuable contribution and advancement to the field of regression therapy, and the book Exploring the Eternal Soul which takes this further into the new area of life between lives regression.

Andy is also the founder of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association, and founding member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

For more see; past life regression therapy training past life  therapists,  and regression  therapists.



Disclainer--IBRT assumes no liability for the individual professional actions of IBRT-certified therapists or researchers.