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Woolger Training - North America/Australia/Far East
Patricia L. Walsh – Chief Trainer

Dodgeville, WI
(845) 255-0515


Deep Memory Process®  (founded by Dr. Roger Woolger author of Other Lives, Other Selves)  offers professional training in a unique synthesis of Transpersonal Psycho/Spiritual healing drawing from diverse sources such as Psychodrama, Jungian and Freudian thought, Shamanism, Gestalt, Spiritualism etc…

Training in Deep Memory Process® is divided into four modules, each lasting 5 days. The first two modules offer a certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy, with full certification in Deep Memory Process® offered after completion of all four modules and case study requirements.

Skills taught over the two year period include, How the soul imprints karma and the dynamics of trauma, working with all the subtle bodies to bring resolution to karmic complexes, Rapid inductions in to past life memories, running the story ‘in the now’, working in the after-life Bardo states to facilitate healing, working with animal and spirit guides, dynamics of soul-loss and fragmentation and soul-retrieval, complex trauma states, working with the body in regression therapy, inner child soul work and retrieval, present life regression for PTSD, working with groups of attached spirits as well as Ancestral and Earthbound Spirits.

Workshops are highly self-experiential and participants often describe them as deeply healing.

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2016 Calendar of trainings/workshops

Regression Trainings- Levels One and Two :


Deep Memory Process® USA

DMP Module One - Running The Story with Core Emotional Release


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April 14-19, 2016 

Dodgeville, Wisconsin - Bethel Horizons Retreat Center


 You will learn:  regression as active psychodrama; Interviewing the client to identify issues and how to prepare the client for sessions; isolating key phrases and using them to induce past memories; how to guide a past life story; working within the ‘now’ and ‘key moments’ in the story; observing body cues and energy movements; using and working with resistance and blocks; dramatic tension; how to facilitate healing catharsis; symbolic resonance as a model of the structure of the psyche;  shamanic  ‘three worlds’ model and it’s correlation to the interplay of Spirit, Soul and Ego; recognizing past life soul fragmentation and its effects; introduction to working in the after-life states (Bardos) healing ‘unfinished business’ at physical, emotional and mental levels



$1,420 (double occupancy room and board included; $125 supplement for single room).

Organized by Ana Laramendi at
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DMP Module Two - Working in the Bardo (afterlife states)
Open to active DMP students

Full Description on  About DMP Training

2 dates:

April 28- May 3, 2016 - Windham, NY- Windham Retreat Center


September 1-6, 2016 - Dodgeville, Wisconsin - Bethel Horizons Retreat Center


Topics Covered: Working with the death moment and transition of the soul into the after-life;  Typical patterns that are carried into the after-life; Techniques of resolution in the after-life or Bardos; resolving unfinished business with persons on earth; life review; catharsis and reconciliation/forgiveness;  energetic and spiritual healing in the after-life; integration of soul-fragments; mediation and working with spirit helpers and guides, animal spirits, ancestors;  various levels of Bardo reality and how to work in each; introduction to spirit release and earthbound soul fragments , working with groups of spirits and other peoples soul fragments; releasing imprints on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

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Special Workshop:


Working with Ancestral Spirit Complexes – Healing Your Family Tree


October 31- November 5, 2016

Dodgeville, Wisconsin - Bethel Horizons Retreat Center

The reasons why you have been born into a certain family or ethnic group and live in a certain place are not random choices. You are part of a deep web of inter-connectivity that expands from your core, thru your family and all your relations, to your community, and the collective world soul. In this highly self-experiential workshop you will explore your ancestral ‘psychic inheritance’ and will learn techniques to work with troubled ancestors that may still be affecting you, your family line and present generations.


Ancestral healing work deals directly with the spirits of generations past, helping them to release and heal their ‘unfinished business’ helping them find their rightful place in the after-life, so that the present and future generations are free from any of their lingering karmas and residues. This work is frequently used in conjunction with DMP and other forms of regression therapy.


Patricia has worked with Ancestral and Earthbound spirits with both hands-on ‘shamanic’ approaches and therapeutically for over 10 years.  She will also share strategies for working with spirits attached to places.


You will learn:

  • Ways to recognize attachments, the types of ‘spirit’ complexes and how they attach
  • Regression techniques to tune into your own ancestral memory
  • How to scan the subtle body for signs of attachments
  • How to talk to and help unhappy spirits
  • How to send them lovingly to the light
  • Causes and cures of Soul Fragmentation (Soul Retrieval)


$1,420 (double occupancy room and board included; $125 supplement for single room).




Organized by Ana Laramendi at
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