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(1) Deep Memory Process® - North America/Australia/Far East
Patricia L. Walsh - Chief Trainer

Woolger Training International

Sarasota, FL
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Deep Memory Process® (DMP®), is a creative synthesis of present and past life regression work that draws from Freud; Reich; Psychodrama; Jung; Gestalt; Spiritual Psychology and Shamanic Healing. Distinguished Oxford scholar and Jungian analyst, Roger Woolger PhD, created Deep Memory Process® after publishing his seminal book “Other Lives, Other Selves’ in the mid 1980’s. His international training program attracts therapists and healers from all over the world and has been training students in the US for over 30 years.


Deep Memory Process® has transformed the lives of thousands of individuals and changed the way many others perform therapy and healing with their clients. Where many Past Life Regression therapies focus mainly on the mental level, DMP transforms body, mind, emotion and spirit simultaneously. The results for clients are profound.


Deep healing may occur in just a few sessions. DMP® can be a valuable adjunct to the work you do with your clients. It has been shown to be highly effective in treating post-traumatic and dissociative reactions to catastrophe, violence and all forms of abuse. It is also fully applicable to states of anxiety, depression, phobias, stress, chronic pain/illness, blocked feelings, and childhood trauma, specifically working with present and past life traumatic residues embedded in the physical and subtle bodies.


About the Training              


Training in Deep Memory Process® is divided into four modules, each lasting 5 days. The first two modules offer a certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy, with full certification in Deep Memory Process offered after completion of all four modules and case study requirements.

The four training modules are designed to be taken in two stages: two basic modules: levels 1 & 2, followed by two advanced modules: levels 3 & 4.

All 5-Day Residential Trainings are open to practitioners in the helping and healing professions such as:

  • Psychotherapists (MFT, LCSW, LPC, MA)
  • Psychologists / Psychiatrists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Past Life Regression Therapists
  • Energy Workers / Healers / Body Workers
  • Nurses / Hospice Workers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Ministers / Spiritual Counselors
  • I also offer a special module for Astrological Counselors also (see calendar)


Module 1: Basic Level

Core Emotional Release Running the Story: An experiential retreat, in which you will explore regression as psychodrama; induction into past life memories; working in the “now” of the story, observing body cues and energy movements, using and working with resistance and blocks; dramatic tension; catharsis; key phrases; symbolic resonance; introduction to working in the after-life states (Bardos) healing unfinished business at physical, emotional and mental levels.


Module 2: Basic Level

Working with Spirit and Death Transition in the Afterlife (Bardos): Regression as psychodrama in the interlife or Bardos phase, typical patterns that are carried into the after-life, soul fragmentation and basic soul retrieval, resolving unfinished business with persons on earth, life review, reconciliation and forgiveness, integration of soul-fragments, mediation and use of spirit helpers and guides, animal spirits, ancestors, levels of Bardo reality, releasing imprints on the physical, emotional and mental levels.

A certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy is offered after completion of these first two modules (and case study and practice requirements). Professionals that wish to receive full certification in Deep Memory Process must attend the next two advance modules.


Module 3: Advanced Level

Body Release in Deep Memory Process: Induction into past life memories through the body, wounds to the etheric body, chronic holding patterns at death, letting the body tell its story, places of stored emotion in the body, working with breath and the body, strategies for release of body patterns in past lives and in the Bardos.


Module 4: Advanced Level

Healing the Trauma of Abuse: Memory and the body, recognizing clinical “shock”, Dynamics of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, dissociative states and ‘soul fragmentation', advanced soul retrieval using catharsis and traumatic release, reactions to sexual and physical abuse, chronic pain, torture and horror, collective unconscious bleed-throughs from “past lives” and wounded “spirit” attachments, patterns of denial and chronic shut-down,  dialoguing with the body, present to past life regression and working with the inner child.


 Please check the calendar to see where Deep Memory Process training modules are currently taking place all over the world.


About Patricia…………….


Patricia L. Walsh   

 I am a certified Deep Memory Process (DMP) regression practitioner (since 2002) and am the Chief Trainer since 2003 for  (USA and Australian/Far East) for Dr. Roger Woolger’s institute of Deep Memory Process® .

I was fortunate to have worked personally with Dr. Woolger, leading and co-teaching trainings in both Ancestral spirit work and Regression since 2003 and after Dr Woolger’s passing in 2011 continue to train professionals in this two year training program.

I am also a graduate of the Jeffrey Wolf Green School of Evolutionary Astrology (2004) and a certified Evolutionary Astrologer. After several years of research and several thousand case studies I authored ‘Understanding Karmic Complexes : Evolutionary Astrology and Regression Therapy’  (The Wessex Astrologer, 2009) which synthesizes  two unique paradigms of soul healing to provide a comprehensive window into the working of the psychology of the soul. I am also a contributing author to ‘ Insights Into Evolutionary Astrology : A Diverse Collections of Essays by Prominent Astrologers”  ( Llewellyn, 2010) and am currently working on another book about Soul Loss and Regression Therapy.

I have lectured on many topics and taught internationally and am a frequent keynote speaker and lecturer at Metaphysical and international Astrology conferences.

I specialize in multi-dimensional healing work based in ‘Shamanic’ principles including; Soul Retrieval/Fragmentation and Spirit Releasement (Ancestral and Earthbound Spirit work). My focus is in healing present and past life trauma synthesizing both intuitive hands-on healing and therapeutic approaches.

I have maintained a busy travel schedule and private practice since 2003 and having regressed thousands of people, all over the world, I feel blessed to be able to engage in such profound work. My commitment to healing the wounds to the soul is continually deepened in each and every session and the wonders of the human psyche, and its ability to heal itself, given the right ‘container’ and ‘midwifing’ still amazes me.




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Andy Tomlinson

Regression Therapy training
The pre training requirement is to have practical skills of working with clients. A minimum of 50 hours of training is required in at least one of the following: psychotherapy, counselling, psychology, hypnotherapy, psychiatry, body work, energy healing or another qualified healing technique.

The Regression Therapy training content is based on the requirements agreed by the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

A Diploma in Regression Therapy is awarded on the successful completion of the training that enables the practitioner to obtain insurance, practice professionally and become members of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy and the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

The training is based on a single 4-day non residential workshops over a one period and covers;

  • The ability to conduct a client interview 
  • Bridging techniques to regress a client into a past life without using hypnosis
  • Exploring a past life for significant events and going through the death experience
  • Transpersonal skills to bring forgiveness and completion in the spirit realms
  • Using Psychodrama to release and transform frozen energy from a past life
  • Handling spontaneous catharsis
  • Developing basic bodywork skills for unfreezing frozen body memories
  • Techniques for working with trauma in the current life
  • Integration of past life and childhood experiences into the present life
  • Knowledge of basic psychopathology and contra-indicators for Regression Therapy
  • Being able to recognised and release intrusive energy and spirit releasement.

The complete program also includes;

  • 4 supervised practice sessions between workshops
  • Supervision while working with clients
  • Undergoing an agreed level of regression therapy to clear personal unfinished business
  • Competency skill checks
  • A written summary of the sessions with 5 clients using Regression Therapy

Between Lives Spiritual Regression training

The pre requirement is a qualification and experienced in working with hypnosis (50hrs minimum hypnosis training) and a qualification in Regression Therapy.

The objective of the training is for the student to be able to guide a client into their soul memories between lives while in deep hypnosis. This is a spiritual dimension beyond past lives to fully understand the souls purpose for this life.

It will draw on the thirty years research by Dr Michael Newton, Andy Tomlinson and other pioneers. The training will use practical lecture, video, live demonstration and supervised pair work. Student evaluation during the training will be through observation during the practical sessions. Students will also experience their own Between Lives Spiritual Regression giving them an opportunity to understand at a more profound level their own spiritual purpose in this life.

 The training is based on a single 5 day residential workshop covering;

  • Client preparation and interview
  • Hypnotic deepening techniques and entering a past life
  • The crossover and entering the spirit realms
  • Rejuvenation energy to heal profound past lives
  • Connecting with spirit guides
  • Meeting the primary soul group and other soul groups
  • Links between soul groups and people in this life
  • Meeting the spirits of light who plan the current life
  • The place of physical body selection
  • Other activities in the life between lives
  • Working with unusual soul memories - non human, Star Seed, Elemental
  • Overcoming blockages
  • Post session integration and client reorientation

This leads to a certificate in Between Lives Spiritual Regression. It enables students to obtain insurance and be referred clients from the website. The full requirements are;

  • A Certificate in Hypnosis (a minimum of 50hrs)
  • A Certificate in Regression Therapy
  • Successfully completing the Between Lives Regression workshop
  • A written summary of five client Between Lives Regression sessions and a tape recording of one session

Graduates of the Between Lives Regression training can apply to be members of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association.

Andy Tomlinson

Andy is a psychology graduate and registered psychotherapist, and has had a private practice dedicated to regression therapy since 1996. He's been trained and certified in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, regression therapy and life between lives regression.

From a background of 10 years training managers Andy is internationally known now for training therapists. He has been the director of training for the Past Life Regression Academy since 2002, and is a founding member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy where he helped establish international quality standards in regression therapy. He is author of the book Healing the Eternal Soul that is recognized as an extremely valuable contribution and advancement to the field of regression therapy, and the book Exploring the Eternal Soul which takes this further into the new area of life between lives regression.

Andy is also the founder of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association, and founding member of the Earth Association of Regression Therapy.

For more see; past life regression therapy training past life  therapists,  and regression  therapists.





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