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Debbie Papadakis


Past Life Exploration is based on the premise that understanding the past helps clarify the present. It is the present time experience that will build the (client’s) future and determine (their) success and enjoyment in life.

This is an innovative and effective approach in which you will develop and advance your skills further to help clients with difficult and perplexing issues. This specialized form of hypnosis can help your clients alleviate a wide array of emotional and physical problems by eliminatingdysfunctional habits and behaviours.

In this course, students have an opportunity to learn how to connect with their spiritual selves and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for helping clients to resolve issues through past life regression.  Students will be given the tools to assist clients in locating anderadicating the root causes of their present day issues. 

This course is suitable for all professionals and practitioners who are interested in expanding their practice.

Required reading:

Life Patterns and Soul Lessons by Henry Leo Bolduc

The Journey Within by Henry Leo Bolduc

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Professional Hypnosis Certification Training

Length of Training: 4 days

Upon successful completion of this course and submission of 3 case studies you will receive certification from Hypno Healing Institute

Course Overview

  • Introduction to Past Life Exploration

  • Defining professional goals, ideals and expectations

  • Use of hypnosis and other tools

  • Overview of training manual

  • Past Life patterns (Individual Charts)

  • Charting Client Patterns

  • Past life historical contributions                                                   

    • Eastern Concepts

    • Edgar Cayce

    • Dr. Helen Wambach

    • Winafred Blake-Lucas

    • And others

·         The importance of recording sessions and note taking

  • Introduction to the DecordingTM technique

  • Listening Skills

  • Past Life patterns (Individual Charts)                                                    

  • Research Techniques - Tracing past life personalities                       

  • Therapist/client Relationship                                                                    

    • Ethical moral and legal responsibilities

    • Transference and Counter transference

    • Professional Responsibility, Integrity and Accountability                                                                                                       

  • Accessing and working with the Akashic Records                              

    • Group Induction

    • Meeting the higher self

    • Exploring future lives

  • Marketing                                                                             

    • Incorporating Past-Life Therapy into your practice       

  • The Importance of Outreach

  • Demonstrations

  • Practice sessions

  • Group Inductions                     

 World-class course supporting materials

  • Student training manual

  • Handouts

For More Information Visit: http://www.hypno-healing.com/services/professional-certification-courses/past-life-exploration/



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