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(1) Woolger Training - North America
Patricia L. Walsh – Chief Trainer

Sarasota, FL
(845) 255-0515



Deep Memory Process®  (founded by Dr. Roger Woolger author of Other Lives, Other Selves)  offers professional training in a unique synthesis of Transpersonal Psycho/Spiritual healing drawing from diverse sources such as Psychodrama, Jungian and Freudian thought, Shamanism, Gestalt, Spiritualism etc…

Training in Deep Memory Process® is divided into four modules, each lasting 5 days. The first two modules offer a certificate in Basic Past Life Therapy, with full certification in Deep Memory Process® offered after completion of all four modules and case study requirements.

Skills taught over the two year period include, How the soul imprints karma and the dynamics of trauma, working with all the subtle bodies to bring resolution to karmic complexes, Rapid inductions in to past life memories, running the story ‘in the now’, working in the after-life Bardo states to facilitate healing, working with animal and spirit guides, dynamics of soul-loss and fragmentation and soul-retrieval, complex trauma states, working with the body in regression therapy, inner child soul work and retrieval, present life regression for PTSD, working with groups of attached spirits as well as Ancestral and Earthbound Spirits.

Workshops are highly self-experiential and participants often describe them as deeply healing.

Full information can be found on  www.HealThePast.com www.DeepMemoryProcess.com



 DMP Module Two - Working in the Bardo (afterlife states)
Open to active DMP students

Full Description on  About DMP Training 



Special Workshop:


Working with Ancestral Spirit Complexes – Healing Your Family Tree






Gatekeeper Alternative Guidance at

The RoseHeart Center 

For Transformation & Transpersonal Studies

(315) 243-1828

Virginia Waldron


The RoseHeart Center for Transpersonal and Transformational Studies 
Professional Training Programs
w/Virginia R. Waldron, CH, CI

Virginia R. Waldron, CH, CI, is a certified instructor in hypnosis, through the National Guild of Hypnotists. She is certified in past life regression through the International Board for Regression Therapy, Level IV.  IBRT has accredited the curriculum in her past life regression training program.  Virginia is the author of The Path of Wellness: Past Life Regression As A Healing Modality. She has been teaching professional training programs since 2009, and has brought many hypnotists and past life regression practitioners to the Cazenovia, NY  area. Virginia’s professional training courses provide students with the highest quality of training, with professional ethics and standards, emphasizing practical experience supervised by a qualified instructor. This training brings a complete practical approach to hypnosis and past life regression, which enables graduates to enter the field of private practice with excellent preparation, experience, skills and confidence.


National Guild of Hypnotists
Professional Certification in Hypnosis
w/Virginia R. Waldron, CH, CI

This training program is through the NGH, and is a professional certification course. That means students who complete the time and work requirements are certified hypnotists once they have completed all the requirements.  This course is actually quite easy and simple, even if you haven't been in school for decades! It is very effective for those who wish to advance their careers in complementary disciplines such as medicine, psychology, psychiatry, social work, nursing, and teaching.  

Hypnosis is a powerful tool for healing, growth and transformation. This level of training in hypnosis enables graduates to enhance their professional and personal life, because they have received the best and most qualified professional instruction and supervised practice experience, mentorship and curriculum for learning this transforming modality. 

Whether you are already working with hypnosis or you are new to it, becoming a certified hypnotist through the National Guild of Hypnotists is an empowering career move. If you want to enhance the work you are doing, or you are seeking an effective modality to create positive change in your life, this NGH Certification program has something to offer you. Ask yourself -Are you ready to be the best you can be? If the answer is yes, then this is the program for you!

The NGH course offers professional training the basics of being a certified hypnotist. It is an experiential training program in which each class consists of lecture and discussion, demonstrations, as well as practice sessions where students experience the power of these techniques and processes through working with each other, both as client and facilitator, in a safe and supervised environment. This course is the pre-requisite for the past life regression training program offered at The RoseHeart Center.  

To find out more about RoseHeart’s NGH hypnosis program, dates, locations, and fees, please go to www.TheRoseHeartCenter.com.  

The RoseHeart Center 
Professional Training Course in Past Life Regression
w/Virginia R. Waldron, CH, CI

The word regression means to go back or return to a point in or memory of the past.  Age Regression techniques guide the client back to a previous time, to re-experience circumstances and events from that time as if they were in the present. Past Life Regression means to go even further back, to memories and experiences from a previous lifetime. As a healing modality PLR is entering the mainstream of the alternative helping professions as a rapidly evolving and dynamic field of holistic work, becoming more and more part of the choices that alternative practitioners are reaching for. 

The curriculum of this professional training course is based on the requirements of the International Board for Regression Therapy for board certification.  IBRT is the only professional level certification board for past life regression. An IBRT accredited training program provides students with the necessary skills in Age Regression and Past Life Regression, inductions, accessing memories, releasing past life material, working through the death experience, and moving through the initial interim state where we go after we leave the body. Students explore various methods to deepen, to release the past, reconnect with the present, explore lessons and life missions, strengthen connections with guides and healing on a spiritual level. They also learn how to conduct a workshop in past life regression, which is a great way to introduce this level of inner experience in a safe and supervised environment. To find out more about IBRT go to www.IBRT.org.   

The focus of this course will be supervised hands-on experiential of the specialized methods and techniques of transition and transformation that are necessary to be a professional past life regression practitioner. In this course students learn how to facilitate exploration of past life memories in a group setting or as a one-on-one practitioner. 

This program brings opportunities to learn past-life regression techniques through hands on work w/experienced supervision. The skillset includes how to retrieve and release memories from childhood and prior lives in order to find more peace, joy and health in the present, in individual and group sessions.  With this hands-on method students gain Gain confidence in applying these techniques in past life regression.  Students gain experience in and explore age regression & past life regression, body mind spirit connection, pre-birth & womb regression, as well as transpersonal techniques for accessing and exploring the interim states

A professional level of Hypnosis is a necessary skill and tool for this level of inner work. Therefore NGH training in Hypnosis or equivalent, is required as a prerequisite. 

To find out more about this course, dates, locations and fees, please go to www.TheRoseHeartCenter.com.  You can contact Virginia Waldron at gatkepr@gmail.com.  

Disclainer--IBRT assumes no liability for the individual professional actions of IBRT-certified therapists or researchers.