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The purpose of this course is to pass on the theory of Regressional Therapy and its relation to conventional therapy, to sub-personality therapy, and to multidimensional consciousness therapy, as well as to train students in the techniques of regressional therapy. 

Directed to: psychologists and physicians with a degree in psychotherapy. 


Ethics in regressional therapy . Investigation and Scientific Research . Psychopathology . Psychic instances . Intra-uterine life.

Correlation of regressional therapy with: psychoanalysis . analytical therapy according to Jung . Psychosynthesis . transpersonal therapy . Psychodrama . bioenergetic therapy . gestalt therapy . cognitive therapy . transactional analysis . Subpersonality therapy . therapy of multidimensional consciousness.

The techniques and practica of the RT are based on the approaches of: Fiore, Netherton, TenDam, Woolger, and Godoy and colleagues. 

Number of hours: 142 hours of theory, 218 hours of practice


Selection Progress:
* curriculum analysis; "declaration of intentions" analysis; personal interview.

Documents for registration / enrollment: 
* Copy of diploma (psychology or medicine); copy of CRP/CRM (professional registry) 
* copy  of CIC (similar to IRS registry) 
* ID card
* abridged resume
* recent ID photo
* proof of a minimum of one year experience as psychotherapist
* declaration mentioning the reasons for your interest in the course and of your needs for enrolling in it

This course is presented once a year.


1. Attendance at classes;
2. Critical analysis of reading material appointed by instructors;
3. Presentation of seminars;
4. Presentation of a monograph presented as a bibliographic review; and
5. Presentation of two complete reports: one of your experience as a therapist and another as a client of regressional therapy.

Note: Students must present their monograph between units 7 and 9 of course, and will have one month after the end of the course for presenting their written experience reports. This period can have a maximum extension of one month. After this period, students will be considered as failed, being expected to take again all units of the course and present their monographs if they wish to obtain the certificate of regressional therapist.


To receive CDCT's Certificate of Conclusion of the Regressional Therapist Course, in case of having 75% attendance in each unit, and a grade average equal or superior to C for the required seminars, monographs and case reports.

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  teachers and studentsLeft: Teachers and student
Disclainer--IBRT assumes no liability for the individual professional actions of IBRT-certified therapists or researchers.

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