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  • The respect and privilege of being acknowledged by an independent non-profit examining and certifying board for past life therapists, researchers, and training programs. IBRT has set the professional standards for practice in the field of regression therapy.

  • The honor of being one of the unique professionals who has accomplished certification through an in-depth peer review of one’s credentials, experience, and a rigorous evaluation process.

  • Individual listing on an internationally-recognized web site that serves to provide potential clients with qualified and trained professionals in the field of past life therapy and regression therapy.

  • Potential book, CD, and DVD sales through marketing material on IBRT’s web site.

  • Opportunities for authority recognition in the field through “Ask the Expert” segment on our web site.

  • Publishing advantage increases identification through IBRT’s “Articles” at IBRT.org

  • When the media seeks professionals in the field of regression therapy, for interviews on TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines, they go to www.IBRT.org

  • IBRT Accredited Training Programs listed on our web site guide prospective students and professionals to you.  If you do not do Training, you are supported by the expertise and ability of others in our Networking so that you can refer seekers to quality training with confidence.

  • Graduates from IBRT Accredited Training Programs have a streamlined application process and will only need one session for review.


Disclainer--IBRT assumes no liability for the individual professional actions of IBRT-certified therapists or researchers.