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Therapists are listed alphabetically by 1) Country, 2) State or Province, and 3) City. Those cities with more than one IBRT-certified therapist will show the number of therapists in parentheses following the city name, i.e. Silver Spring, Maryland (2).


British Columbia




Josie Duminuco

2004   Crossroads Training Institute,  Van., BC Certified Hypnotherapist
2008   Portcullis Seminars,  Van., BC  Past Life Intensive
2009   Crossroads Training Institute, Van., BC Counselling-Hypnotherapist Diploma
2011   HCH Institute, La Fayette, CA  Past Life Training
2015   Past Life & Spiritual Explorations, Mary Lee LaBay, Seattle, WA
2016   IBRT Certification, Past Life Therapist Level II

Past Life Therapy and exploration is the primary focus of my practice.  I’m also a trained Spiritual Healer and hospice volunteer.   Each person’s journey is special and unique and it is an honor to facilitate past life work.  I offer individual sessions and regularly conduct group regression journeys.  Please visit my website for further information and upcoming dates.



202-237 Wellington Crescent 
Winnipeg, Manitoba. R3M 0A1 
(204) 452-1035
Marjorie Reynolds

Marjorie V. Reynolds is a Certified Hypnotist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and an IBRT-certified Past Life Researcher as well as Therapist. Directly involved in the field since 1984, she is a former President of the Manitoba Hypnotist's Association, Inc., and has served as Chairperson of the ethics/Code of Professional Standards and Practices Committee. Currently she is Chairperson of the Practicum Examinations Committee.

Marjorie designed the Practicum Examination for Henry Bolduc's Intensive Training Program in Virginia and serves as Chairperson of that committee. She has co-authored work with Henry Bolduc and has edited some of his recent publications.

Marjorie presents workshops such as "Finding Your Mission in Life;" "Understanding Symbols;" "Applying Different Approaches with Different Personality Types;" "Applying Your Regression Equation;" "Finding a Hidden Talent;" "Intuitive Heart: Using Hypnosis Rapport;" and "Past Life Regression and Dreams." Contact Marjorie for details and dates.

In addition to presenting workshops, Marjorie works with individual clients by appointment. Work with individuals involves a spiritual philosophical approach. Marjorie believes that issues arise in the spiritual area and then "drop" to the mental and physical levels. Contact her for information and appointments.

Other areas of interest include both consultation and workshops in various aspects of astrology, dreams, gemstones in healing, and Therapeutic Touch.



2045 Lake Shore Blvd. West, Suite 3303 
Etobicoke, ON, 
M8V 2Z6, Canada 
Email: ccr@pathcom.com 


  • Certified Hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotists, NH)

  • Certified Regression Therapist (Professional Institute For Regression Therapy, CA)

  • Certificate of Psychodynamic Studies (Centre For Training in Psychotherapy, Toronto)

  • Masters Business Administration (York University)

  • Bachelor of Science, Specialist in Psychology (University of Toronto)

  • IBRT Board certified

  • Member, American Association of Professional Hypnotherapists

Retired from psychotherapy. Since I moved last year I have given up my private practice and now I am working with marketing clients only for psychology-based research.


2. Dr. Georgina Cannon 

Dr. Georgina Cannon
#200, 1920 Yonge Street,
Toronto M4S 3C2
416 487 3966
Youtube:  www.youtube.com/drgeorginacannon

Georgina Cannon

With each client, my role is to create a safe place, using a variety of modalities to achieve the client's goals.

Clinical regression therapist and accredited award winning teacher of regression and spiritual hypnosis. Past Life, Interlife and Spirit releasement sessions. (I trained with Henry Bolduc and Michael Newton)_Georgina also teaches Basic and Advanced Hypnosis  at the University of Toronto School of Social Work.  She is also the accredited Train the Trainer teacher for the National Guild of Hypnotists. and an NLP Master and Trainer. As a certified life coach, hypnotist and regression therapist for the past 20 years,  Georgina uses all modalities, blending one into the other to achieve client change and growth. 

She is a regular host on the Shirley MacLaine Radio show and chat room. Best selling author - Return Again published by Red Wheel Weiser and appears regularly on t.v. and radio as the expert on mind, body, spirit connection.

She works with clients in clinic and  internationally on skype.



3. BOB HOLMES, B.Sc., Dipl. F.S.E.

2736 Danforth Avenue
Toronto, ON
Canada  M4C 1L7

(416)461-2022, Toll-free: 1-877-258-9315 

Bob Holmes

Bob Holmes obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo in 1973. He was exposed to the insurance field for a couple of years, and then became involved with his own inner work, including intensive regressive therapy. During this period, he became interested in bereavement counseling and funeral service; he has been a licensed Funeral Director since 1977. Retiring from the funeral business in 1986, Bob owned and operated a bookstore, which he sold in 2001 in order to practice regression therapy full-time.

Since 1992, in response to both his inner guidance and the express needs of the public, Bob has been helping motivated individuals face and resolve their own inner issues. He was granted IBRT certification as a Past Life Therapist in 1999. Other certifications include Master Hypnotist and Primal Integration Therapist.

In a nutshell, Bob provides a gentle and sensitive companioning of the client's process through altered state work to clear difficulties arising from current life, past lives, soul fragmentation or spirit attachment. He facilitates individual, group and intensive formats, on a short, medium, long-term or occasional basis - as you need - in Toronto.

Psychospiritual Therapist, BCH, C.I.  

Hypno Healing Institute Inc. 
355 Keele St.
Toronto, Ontario
M6P 2K6
(416) 760-8996, 
Toll Free: 1-888-758-3223 
Fax: (416) 760-9240




Debbie Papadakis, M.Ht., BHC, CI, Board Certified Hypnotist, Psychospiritual Therapist, Reiki Master, NLP and Time Line Therapy™ Trainer, Past Life and Life Between Lives Practitioner, Licensed Holistic Practitioner, Speaker, Author and Founding Director of Hypno Healing Institute Inc. in Toronto, Canada.  Debbie is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor with the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and Hypnosis & Pain Management Instructor with The International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association (IMDHA), Past Life Therapy Training Instructor with the International Board For Regression Therapy (IBRT).  Debbie is a graduate of:  Humber College - International Business program; The Transformational Arts College - Spiritual Psychotherapy; Alpha University - Spiritual Counselling Program and California University - Clinical & Spiritual Hypnotherapy Program. She is also a faculty member and regular conference speaker with NGH, IMDHA, IACT, IBRT, NATH, and a member of Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists (CCPCP), Canadian Professional Counsellors Association (CPCA) as a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC); Master Practitioner practicing Counselling Psychology (MPCP), CPCA Supervisor, Canadian Association for Psychodyamic Therapy (CAPT), Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies (CAIET), Bereavement Ontario Network,  (BON) amongst many other pertinent associations.

Debbie has been invited to speak at various colleges and associations, and has been regularly featured on television, radio and in eminent print media such as Oprah’s “O” magazine, “O’s Big Book of Happiness, ELLE Canada, ZOOMER, Toronto Star, National Post, NOW, Toronto Fashion, SNAP Bloor West, and magazines such as Profit, Money Sense, Arrival World and ACE Fitness, and websites Oprah.com, CNN.com/living and interviewed for several blogs.   Debbie has been featured on Positive Living, W Network’s Remedy Me!,  Slice TV's “Newly Wed Nearly Dead”, VISION TV’s “The Conspiracy Show” and Omni TV’s Edo Kai Tora.

Debbie is included in the book ' American Artists of Professional Hypnosis', 1900-2012. She is the recipient of The 2012 ' Order of Braid ' from the National Guild of Hypnotists, The 2012 'Life Diplomate in Hypnotherapy Award' from the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association, in recognition of her esteemed contributions to the field of Hypnosis, and a 'Honorary Doctorate' in Holistic Medicine from Noble International University.  Debbie was inducted to ' the International Hypnosis' Hall of Fame in 2002, received the NGH 2005 'Hypnotism Achievement Award', the NATH 2007 ' Outstanding Transpersonal Contribution Award ' as well as the IMDHA’s 2009 prestigious 'Life Fellow in Hypnotherapy ' Award in recognition of her esteemed contributions to the field.  She was on the panel (IMDHA/IACT) of the “Most Powerful Women in Hypnosis” October 2006 and was selected, as an Award Winning Hypnotist to present at the Solid Gold conference in Las Vegas in 2005.




Certified Hypnotherapist

2, Filellinon St.
Corfu, 49100
Tel. 00302661040240 
E-mail: info@hypnoscopesis.gr
Athanasios Komianos



I was born in Kifissia Athens in 1964. In 1981 I left for the US in order to study psychology at the University of Oklahoma. It was there in 1983 that I had my first encounter with hypnotic states. However, I soon lost interest in a science that was actually not studying the psyche. Then I shifted to sociology in my quest to understand social behaviour and moved to Virginia. In 1985 I graduated from Old Dominion University. In 1986 I returned to Greece were I took over a family business. In 1990 I was acquainted with the Silva Method and got trained in more seminars on the trance states. In 2000, I was trained formally in hypnosis and past life regressions, in Athens by Burt Goldman, a Silva Method presenter. From there I started experimenting with friends till the time I decided that this would become my future profession. When I was accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) www.ngh.net as a Certified Hypnotherapist, I moved to Corfu where I practice professionally since 2004. I am also a professional member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies (IARRT) www.iarrt.org.

As of January of 2008 I have the honour of being certified by the International Board for Regression Therapy (IBRT) www.ibrt.org. I am an associate of the European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). http://www.earth-association.org/  

 What is Hypnoscopesis? Hypnoscopesis is a concept that I developed in order on the one hand to broaden and enlarge the semantics of the concept of hypnosis and on the other to make it more specific. For further elaboration on this concept please visit my website: http://www.hypnoscopesis.gr




IPARRT - International Practice for Regression and Reincarnation Therapy
P.O.BOX 83
3220 AB Hellevoetsluis, NL
+ 31.181.322050
internet: www.iparrt.nl
Trainer for the European Academy EARTh 
Marion Boon

IPARRT is the name of the professional therapy practice headed by  Marion. IPARRT participates in several professional training programs for regression therapy in Europe. This documentation and information centre wants to be a point of exchange and interaction, sharing of experiences and ideas to promote and expand our field. Therefore lectures for the public (in the Netherlands and abroad) are given, as well as professional workshops and seminars. Special focus is the combination of therapy and practical use of techniques in daily life.

Marion works with different clients and makes workshops 'tailor made,' for instance for young people who have difficulty in finding their paths, or for groups of people who need to overcome their teamwork-obstructions.

Workshops and seminars are offered in Dutch, English and Spanish; multilingual private practice also in German and French.

IPARRT would like to establish a 'Euronetwork'  for and by colleagues in different languages (and cultures) who are professionally working with regression and reincarnation or "past- and present life-regression" therapy and research and who wish to participate in each others' practical activities or programs.

 Marion has worked as an international secretary in NL, UK and Spain, worked as a pranatherapist for 15 years, studied philosophical anthropology and intercultural philosophy, is a mother of three and heads IPARRT. She graduated from the IBRT-certified training program of Dr Hans ten Dam, trained with a.o. Trisha Caetano, Morris Netherton,  and Pieter Wierenga. She is a professional member of the NVRT in The Netherlands and IARRT in the USA.

 Marion is presently a member of the organising committee of the first World Congress in Regression Therapy, to be held in The Netherlands in 2003. See: www.regressioncongress.com.

In addition, see the European Academy for Regression Therapy - EARTh Professionals for professionals multilingual education network, graduation and post-graduation program. Visit:  www.earth-network.org

Balkerweg 83 
7739 PT Ommen 
The Netherlands 
Tel. +31-523-649415 
Fax +31-523-649412 
Trainer forTasso International
Drs. Hans Ten Dam

Being an experienced management consultant, Hans has affinity with and special understanding of managers and entrepreneurs. As to issues, he seems to have a knack for deep fears and patterns of loneliness, isolation, and lack of being understood. He presents seminars and workshops in Brazil as well as in The Netherlands.

He also conducts IBRT-certified training programs.

He is president of EARTh (www.earth-association.org)  and has published articles in the Journal of Regression Therapy as well as other journals, and has published the following books on reincarnation and past life therapy:

Exploring Reincarnation, Penguin Books, 1990; Deep Healing: A Practical Outline of Past-Life Therapy, Tasso, 1996.. (Both are also published in Portuguese; contact Hans for details). Exploring Reincarnation is published, updated and rewritten, by Random House in 2003. Deep Healing has been translated in German (http://www.lulu.com/shop/hans-tendam/tiefenheilung/paperback/product-10289176.html) and Exploring Reincarnation has been translated in Turkish. Visit www.ruhvemadde.com .

Hans has also published, on the Internet, another book, not about past life therapy but about some very global issues that affect us all: Politics, Civilization and Humanity. To access this book, go to www.onlineoriginals.com/ where you can read a description of the book, read a sample chapter, and order the complete book via e-mail.

Search Now:

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Derinlik Danismanlik ve Egitim Hizmetleri Ltd. Sti. 
Tunali Hilmi Cad. Banka Apt. No:85 Kat:5 Daire:26 
06700 Kavaklidere-Cankaya 

Phone Office : +90 312 466 39 58 
Phone Cell : +90 533 365 78 43 
Email: gunay@derinlik.org 
Website: http://www.derinlik.org

Gunay obtained a Bachelor of Science degree from the Cukurova University in 1988 and M.Sc. from Ankara University in1994. She was exposed to the agriculture field for a couple of years, and then became involved with his own inner work, including spiritual  understanding.

She was educated on Information Technologies in METU and began to work in computer industry. She worked seven years as a project manager, procurment specialist, and network selling manager. When she was manager in the network business, she established Derinlik Personal Development Center in 2006 in order to practice regression therapy full-time and continued her regression and spiritual studies professionally.

She became interested in spiritual psychology and inner development for more than 20 years.

Gunay was trained by Dr. Janet Cunningham and Jeffrey Ryan and certified by IBRT as Past Life Therapist I.

For more than 20 years in response to both her inner guidance and the express needs of the public, Gunay has been helping motivated individuals face and resolve their own inner issues and enhance spiritual understanding. For this reason she presents seminars and workshops frequently in Ankara.

Gunay is presently a member of EARTh (European Academy for Regression Therapy), and BILYAY and Board Member of ARAD and has published articles in the Spirit and Matter as well as in other journals on reincarnation and past life therapy and personal development.

Gunay works with different clients and makes workshops 'tailor made,' for instance for young people who have difficulty in finding their paths or having problems with exams at school, or for groups of people who need to overcome their teamwork-obstructions.

Her experience helps to find a balance on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels both consciously and unconsciously, making it possible to reframe, find positive aspects of situations, reach emotional healing, open to new perspectives by observing and understanding patterns, dreams and lessons, thereby reaching a healthier and happier life. 

As a summary, Gunay provides a gentle and sensitive companioning of the client's process through altered state work to clear difficulties arising from current life, past lives, soul fragmentation or spirit attachment. She facilitates individual, group and intensive formats, on a short, medium, long-term or occasional basis.

Teaching others to become therapists or better human beings and seeing them grow has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.



Cumhuriyet Mah.
Mermer Sok. No.14
Daire 260
Mobile: 0532 274 44 70

Diba has a Board Certification with IBRT as a level III Past Life Regression Therapist. Diba's new book has been published, the name of the book is: "Journey to the Depths of the Soul". The book covers nearly 80 case studies about regression therapy. This is a first sample of its own kind in Turkish.

Diba has an Approved Trainer Certification by PLRA (Past Life Regression Academy in UK).

Diba has gratuated from the Techical University of Istanbul Mechanical Engineering Department as an engineer. Even she likes maths, she is also interested in psychology, parapsychology, sociology and antropology during high school and university years.

She worked as an engineer for 4 years. She left engineering in 1995 and decided to do the works she liked. Then she started to join some personal awareness workshops in 2002 and meeting her own reality. During these workshops she found out that her purpose of current life was doing spiritual works.

She participated in ICF acredited Co-active Coaching training by The Coaches Institute in 2004. She participated in Parapsychology Conference in Istanbul in 2005 and learnt about Past Life Regression Therapy. After the Conference she went to UK and started to have Past Life Regression Therapy Training by Andy Tomlinson in Past Life Regression Academy. She gratuated from the PLR Academy and got a diploma on Past Life Regression Therapy in June 2006 and Foundation Level of Hypnosis Certification in October 2006. She is also a LBL therapist trained and got diploma from Raven Heart Center by Linda Backman in Colorado USA.

With her husband Muammer she established the Yilmaz Counseling and Training Company with the RadianceD trademark in 2005.

And they both participated to the second World Past Life Regression Congress in India on March 2006.

She was the Assistant Trainer and Supervisor of Andy Tomlinson's 4 modules of Professional Past Life Regression Therapy Training in Istanbul Turkey in 2006-2007. Then by encouragement of Andy Tomlinson she has started to give Past Life Regression Therapy Training in Turkish in Turkey in September 2007 with Muammer's assistancy.

She is a certified member of EARTh (European Association of Regression Therapy) and joins EARTh Annual Convention workshops every year, continuing learning and giving workshops there also.

She has been in several TV and radio programs explaining regression therapy to public. She has written some articles published in spiritual magazines about regression. Since 2005 she is working as a full time regression therapist across Turkey and also giving Past Life Regression Therapy Trainings in Turkish.

Muammer and Diba has opened a new place which is called Radianced Center in the countryside outside Istanbul. This Center is in a green land and they also do organic agriculture there. The trainings are residential and students enjoy the special garden and fresh air during breaks. Radianced Center has a retreat atmosphere and she also conduct weekend workshops there about spiritual awareness.

Diba's aim is being a mediator for spiritual growth of people and increasing the awareness about spirituality.




Unicorn Transformational Studies
Dikilitas, Besiktas
Istanbul – TURKEY 
Phone: +90 212  259 10 43
Phone Cell : +90 532 515 13 58 
E-mail: tulinetyemez@gmail.com 
Skype: tulin.etyemez
Tulin Etyemez Schimberg

Tulin has a Board Certification with IBRT as a level IV Past Life Regression Therapist.

Tulin obtained a B.S. degree of Geological Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in 1996. Studying earth science gave her a different perspective to understand the material world better. Besides of being a regression therapist, she also works as Clinical Project Manager of a pharmaceutical company.

During her early years at the university, she got interested in spiritual teachings. First, she became a member of Ankara Spiritual Investigations Society in 1992; a member of Metaphysical Investigations and Scientific Research Society (MISRS) in 1997 and a member of Foundation for Spreading the Knowledge to Unify Humanity (BILYAY Foundation) in 1998. Now she is the vice president and board member of Bilyay Foundation and also of MISRS.

Tulin gives lectures on spiritual psychology, inner development for more than 16 years, on such topics asregression therapy, consciousness studies, self-awareness, survival after death, holographic paradigm, human energy field and medicine, healing, parapsychology, paradigm shift in science, near death studies, life after death etc.  She is also the chief editor of the monthly Spirit and Matter Magazine (in Turkish).

She was certified as EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner of Median Therapies in 2007 by The Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies (AAMET).

Tulin was one of the organizers of 1st Istanbul Parapsychology Conference in 2005, where she met regression therapy. She was trained by Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham in 2005 and 2006 and received certifications for Professional Regression Therapy Level I and II from The World Regression Institute. She acted as assistant to Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham for other regression trainings in Istanbul during 2008.

Tulin is one of the founder members of The European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) which was established in August 2006 (www.earth-association.org). She is a board member of EARTh Association and she organizes Annual Conventions of EARTh every year.

One of her personal targets is to bring professionals in the field of regression therapy together so they can train each other and exchange experience and information. She loves organizing such events and this is why she is appointed as the chair of the organization committee of the Fourth World Congress for Regression Therapists, which will be held in October 2011, in Turkey.

She believes that by healing the past, we heal the present moment and the future.



Bilyay Foundation
Hasnun Galip Sok. Pembe Cikmazi.
No: 4 D: 6 Beyoglu 80060
Istanbul – TURKEY 
Phone Foundation: +90 212 243 18 14
Phone Cell: +90 532 221 38 49 
Fax: (+90-212) 252 07 18
E-mail: nslhn@ttmail.com

Neslihan obtained a B.S. degree of Aeronautics Engineering from the Istanbul Technical University in 1994. And she had a master degree of Applied Psychology from the Istanbul Commerce University in 2003.

In 1991 she got interested in spiritual teachings. First, she became a member of Metaphysical Investigations and Scientific Research Society (MISRS) in 1994 and a member of  Foundation for Spreading the Knowledge to Unify Humanity (BILYAY Foundation) in 1998.

Neslihan was trained by Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham in 2005 and 2006 and received certifications for Professional Regression Therapy Level I and II from The World Regression Institute. She acted as assistant to Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham for other regression trainings in Istanbul during 2008.

Neslihan is also a member of The European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh) which was established in August 2006 (www.earth-association.org).



Merkez Mah. 350 sok. No.13/3
ABT Konutları D Blok, Armutalan        
Marmaris – Muğla - TURKEY
Mobile Phone: +90 533 578 36 17
Web site: www.ruhsalsifa.org


Fadime Celik

Fadime Çelik graduated the Biology Department of Aegean University, Science Faculty and worked as biology teacher at private educational establishments. She gives lectures and presentations in Izmir Spiritual Research Society (IRAD) and BILYAY Foundation, of which she has been an active member since 1997. She has articles on self-knowledge, spiritual evolution, near death experiences, death and afterlife, reincarnation, obsession, chakras and human energy field, spiritual healing that have been published in the monthly Turkish magazine Ruh ve Madde Dergisi (Spirit and Matter Magazine).

Workshops and Trainings

2003-2006, Reiki training, Nilgün Thomson
2005, NLP training, Tamer Dövücü
2007, EFT training, Dr. İnci Erkin 
2008, Meridien Therapies workshop, Dr. William Cheung
2008, Past Life Regression Therapy I, Past Life Regression Therapy II eğitimi, Dr. Janet Cunnıngham & Jeffrey J. Ryan 
Certified by IBRT in 2008
2009, Deep Memory Process ( DMP) workshop, Roger Woolger
2010, Dynamic Theatre, Family Tree Regression/ Reconnecting the Ancestral Roots, Obsession – Lost and Restless Dead workshop, Mark Wentworth
2011, Creating Abundance and Wealth workshop, Mark Wentworth& Philipe De Moura 
2012, Transformation through Exploring the Core Issue workshop, Hans Tendam
2012, Shamanic Journey training, Juanita Puddifoot 
2009-2013, Deep Memory Process (DMP) training, Roger Woolger & Juanita Puddifoot
Certified by Woolger Training International as a DMP practitioner.

 Fadime Çelik gives trainings in Reiki and Spiritual Healing and does workshops on EFT and Psychic Protection and continues her practice as a spiritual healer and regression consultant. She is a certified member of EARTh (The European Association for Regression Therapy).

Published Works:

Psişik Korunma, Enerji Alanınızı Koruma ve Dengeleme Teknikleri (Psychical Protection: Techniques to Protect and Balance Your Energy Field), 2008 and 2012.



Doga Butunsel Gelisim Merkezi
1408 Sk. No: 6 Da: 10
Alsancak / Izmir - TURKEY
Phone: +-90-232-463 65 62

Resat graduated from Izmir State Conservatory in 1987. He studied bassoon, piano and composition. He has been working at the Izmir State Symphonic Orchestra as a bassoon player since 1987.

He began to be interested in spiritual knowledge when he was 20 years old. Then he contacted Metapsychical Investigations and Scientific Research Society. And he became a founder member of Izmir Spiritual Research Society of which he is president since 1993.

He gaves many lectures and seminars, wrote many articles on spirituality, consciousness, parapsychology, reincarnation etc.

He founded Ege Meta Publishing House in 1996 with his friends. This publishing house has published many books on spiritual, consciousness, new science, alternative health, reincarnation.

Resat began to make therapy in 2003. He got NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis training and he became master practitioner of NLP.

He was trained by Janet Cunningham and Jeffrey Ryan in 2005 and 2006. He attained as an assistant to Jeffrey Ryan and Janet Cunningham’s training in 2008.

In 2006 he established a new center called Integral Holistic Development Center. He gave many personal development workshops on Relaxation, Meditation, NLP and Creativity.

Resat is also a member of The European Association for Regression Therapy (EARTh). He attained the summer course of this organization in 2007.

He conducted over 2000 personal therapy sessions since 2006.

He continues to make therapy, to give lectures, trainings and to write.

He is also interested in producing musics and sound technologies inducing altered states. He works on composing music to induce altered states. His first CD has been published in 2009 called “Guided Relaxation Practice” Its background music was composed by himself.

His major interest area is human consciousness and altered states. He is still working on developing comprehensive model of human consciousness.

His books in Turkish:

-Occultism, The Secret Sciences Along History, 1996
-Self Suggestion, Works of Emile Coue, 2003
-Physical and Mental Relaxation Techniques, 2005



Postal Address:

Bilyay (Vakfı) Foundation
Hasnun Galip Sok. Pembe Cikmazi.
No: 4 D: 6 Beyoglu 80060
Istanbul – TURKEY 
Phone Foundation: +90 212  243 18 14
Phone Cell : +90 535 451 97 38
Fax: (+90-212) 252 07 18

Adana Ruhsal Arastirmalar Dernegi
Adana Spirituel Investigation Society

Ramazanoglu Cad. Kutlu Apt. Kat:1 No: 2
Seyhan / Adana / Turkey
Phone: +90-535 451 97 38

E-mail: zulalcevik11@hotmail.com


Zulal has a Board  Certification with IBRT as a level III Past Life Therapist/ Researcher.

Zulal graduated from Architecture Faculty İstanbul Technical University in 1985. Then she studied Master degree on School of Business Administration. After graduation she worked as an architect in various firms. In 2008, she decided to devote all her time to spiritual studies. She became a president and founding member of Adana Spiritual Investigations Society in 1992.

Zulal gives lectures on spiritual psychology, inner development for more than 20 years, on such topics as reincarnation, regression therapy, holotropic paradigm, consciousness studies, survival after death, self-awareness, human energy field, dreams, precognition, meditation, unconscious mind, paradigm shift in science and parapsychology, near death studies, life after death etc.

Zulal has many training such as Dynamic Theatre Process three times Weekend workshop by Mark Wentworth, Deep Memory Process Weekend workshop by Roger Woolger, 2 times İstanbul International parapsychology Conference in Turkey, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner of Meridien Therapies (AAMET), NLP Practitioner Seminar, Deep Memory Process Certificate Program Module 1, 2, 3, 4 and extra advanced modules (shadow, curses etc) by Roger Woolger and Juanita Puddifoot; she has completed Deep Memory Process certificate program.

She has Professional Regression Therapy in World Regression Institute: Level I Certificate of Completion by Jeffrey Ryan & Janet Cunningham in March 2008, İstanbul/ Turkey And Professional Regression Therapy in World Regression Institute: Level II Certificate of Completion by Jeffrey Ryan & Janet Cunningham in October 2008 Istanbul/ Turkey.

She is also membership of Foundation for Spreading the Knowlodge to Unify Humanity (BILYAY Foundation) www.bilyay.org.tr , Metaphysical Investigations and Scientific Researc Society (MISRS- MTIAD). She gives conferences at the related associations.

She took lectures and attended many workshop about shamanic work by Juanita Puddifoot and Leo Rutherford. Attended many trainings by Hans TenDam and Marion Boon in regression; Heath Journey workshop by Karen Stemkew; Goddess Within Workshop by Mark Wentworth; Optimum Balance Model training I and II by Tamer Dovucu. She has attenden to the WCRT4 in Kusadasi.

According to Zulal, regression theraphy has an important role for helping to human for rebuilding.

Zulal believes that reconstructing yourself is a prerequiste of being human and the regression therrapy is helpful on this regard.


Incesu Sok. No: 5/3
Etiler – Istanbul
P: +90 212 351 1040
Seniz Unal

Dr. Seniz Unal is a clinical psychologist in private practice. Her PhD thesis is about the “Eating Disorders Prevalence in Bariatric Patients with Weight Regain”. She had intensive experience with psychosomatic effects of the chronic illnesses… as well as training.

Dr. Unal had the privilege to be trained by many preminent teachers in the field , such as Jeffrey Ryan, Janet Cunningham, Roger Woolger, Hans TenDam, Jeffrey Zeig (Ericksonian Therapy),  Dr. Carl Simonton, Kathlyne Maki-Banmen (Satir Trasformational Therapy, Caroline Myss (Archetypes), Debbie Ford (Shadows) and many more.

Dr. Seniz Unal is a board certified regression therapist, level IV. She is practicing regression therapy in combination with other therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Mindfullness and Art Therapy.



Practitioner of Regression Therapy,
Colourpuncture and Spiritual Healer

Practice based:
Clifton, Bristol, United Kingdom
Tel: 0117 973 8574
e-mail: beelove@me.com
Skype: sarah.mumford007

Sarah Mumford

Sarah Mumford: Lives in Bristol, UK and is a practitioner of regression therapy, core shamanism and dynamic theatre.  Sarah works with ancestral healing soul retrieval and spirit release.  She also performs healing ceremonies and those related both to her work in the Interfaith Ministry and to Ancestral Healing.

Sarah runs her own experiential workshops, and is available for team sessions, one to one appointments, and remote work.

Areas of expertise: Regression Therapy, Core Shamanism, Dynamic Theatre & Ceremonies.





 Hanging Langford, Salisbury, Wilts, U/K
Telephone:  0044 (0) 1722 790198
Website: Past Life Regression

Andy Tomlinson


Regression Therapy
Between Lives Spiritual Regression

Andy has had a private practice dedicated to Past Life Regression and Regression Therapy since 1996. He is a psychology graduate and registered UK psychotherapist. His training has included Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Between Lives Regression, Past life regression and Regression Therapy.

 A lot of Andy's effort is spent training regression therapists but in his remaining time he works with clients who are working through unfinished business from the past or are spiritually stuck. Andy also specializes in Between Lives Regression that uses deep hypnosis to explore the soul memories between past lives. This enables a client to have an enhanced understanding of their soul purpose and bring joy and happiness into their lives.

 He is a founding member of Spiritual Regression Therapy Association, the Earth Association of Regression Therapy and the Norsk forbund for Regresjonsterapi.


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